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lifestyle gym equipmentLifestyle invites you to join our over 18’s limited membership Health and Fitness Club, a place to escape to from the pressures of busy life.

At Lifestyle we have created an ambience suited to relaxation, health, fitness and enjoyment.

Why not take at look at our facilities online. Simply place your mouse anywhere on the large image to the right, click it and move left or right, up or down, fast or slow, and you will be able to see a sample of the equipment we have avaialble.

vibrogym logoWe are pleased to be able to offer our members the use of a VibroGym. The effect of VibroTraining® very much depends on the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. Lower frequency are very effective for strength training, warming up and cooling down as higher frequency are used for massage.

vibrogymAlmost 100% of the body’s muscles are exercised when using VibroTraining®. Conventional training methods only reach 40-60%. The deeper lying muscles, e.g. postural muscles, benefit greatly from VibroTraining®. Another major advantage of VibroTraining®: muscles that are not used very frequently can often not be activated consciously. VibroTraining® reactivates these muscles by reflex. The effect is - all muscles are stimulated.

VibroTraining® improves your fitness:

  • highly effective body fat combustion
  • improves flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • improved training quality and effectiveness
  • rapid recovery after exercising

VibroTraining® improves your health:

  • gentle training - no physical strain of the joints
  • strengthening of muscles - particularly the back/spine
  • stimulation of the metabolism and lymph drainage
  • strengthening of bone tissues
  • stress reduction
  • highly effective body fat combustion
  • speeds up the metabolism
  • reducing body fat levels
  • improving flexibility
  • rapid recovery after exercising

VibroTraining® improves your well-being:

  • improves skin quality
  • stress reduction
  • revitalization
  • creating a balance of body and mind
  • general improvement of skin quality

The vibrations have a positive impact on your hormone balance and helps to reduce stress. You feel more relaxed, fitter and more alert. Within 10 minutes you can complete effective training of your entire body. This is possible because VibroTraining® stimulates the whole muscular system at once and not one muscle after the other.










Treat yourself to the soothing pleasure of a personalized "hands on" massage with our Sanyo Massage Lounger. featuring exclusive GK Roller Technology, this innovative new massage chair incorporates powerful robotic rollers that comfortably squeeze from the top of the shoulders to the tailbone, replicating the "grasping and kneading" massage of a live masseuse.

massage chairThe recliner's Stiffness Detection Sensor system ensures the massage is uniquely tailored to your body. When you sit down, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensors monitor your body temperature, perspiration and pulse rate during a short evaluation period, followed by a custom massage that focuses directly on detected areas of stiffness and tension. Select "Fine," "Relax," "Stiffness" or "Recovery" to experience an extraordinary, whole body session.

Two massaging wells with variable strength compression airbags deliver deep, penetrating relief to your feet, calves and legs. Use the optional heat setting with Multi-Point Shiatsu Massage to enhance circulation and relaxation. Throughout the massage, Physical Shape Sensors automatically adjust to your body's individual contours for a truly personalized massage experience.

Customised massage in 6 easy steps:

  1. Sit back in the centre of the chair
  2. Grip the sensor
  3. Select a mode according to physical condition and feeling
  4. Stiffness areas are detected by changes in perspiration and pulse
  5. Monitor shows measurement result
  6. Customised massage

Stiffness Detection Sensor
The sensor measures changes in perspiration and also pulse, in reaction to massaging. The sensor then detects stiffness areas and the remote control displays stiffness levels.

Deep Massage Mechanism
Offers intensive finger-pressure massage with a professional touch that penetrates deep into the body for maximum comfort.